The Solar-System symposium in Sapporo (3S 2018) will focus on the birth and early evolution of the Solar System from a cosmochemical perspective.

Chair: Hisayoshi Yurimoto (Hokkaido U./JAXA)
Co-chairs: Shogo Tachibana (Hokkaido U./U. Tokyo), Harold C. Connolly, Jr. (Rowan U.), Laurette Piani (CRPG)
Sponsored by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

Meeting Format
The symposium will be comprised of oral and poster sessions with free discussion time. The total number of attendees is limited (around 50). Please send your indication of interest to The first-come-first-served policy will be applied.

Date and Venue
The symposium will be held in February 18-20 in 2019 at Rusutsu Resort (Hokkaido, Japan). It takes 90 minutes from New Chitose Airport by bus. There is also a free bus service from Sapporo station (120 minutes). You can download Travel Tips (currently, 2018-version. A new one will be available soon) below.

Past symposiums
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